Online Business Models for Everyone

Earning money online is a dream for many people. Unfortunately 95% fail to make a profit or even loose money.

This website presents Online Business Models that work. They have been tried out and we successfully made money with them.

Run a Cryptocurrency Faucet


You run a website where people can claim free coins like Bitcoins. They get a small amount of these coins for inserting their wallet address and filling one or several captchas. You earn money by putting banners, links and pop-ups from adnetworks on this website. You make a profit when your earnings from ads are higher than what you pay to your visitors.

What you need

Skills Minimum of Html and CSS knowledge
Resources Webhosting, Domain, Script, Microwallet account
Investment A couple of dollars in coins to pay to the users till you get the first payments from adnetworks


You only risk the money that you pay to the microwallet service that will be paid to the viewers

Links to resources

Microwallet Service:
Free Faucet Script: Faucetinabox Ultimate
Free Tutorial how to build up a Faucet: Set up your own Cryptocurrency Faucet
Example of Faucets: Ref-hunters Powerdoge, List of best BTC Faucets

Legend for earning potential

$ up to a couple of dollars / month
$$ from a couple of dollars up to 100 dollars / month
$$$ couple of hundred dollars / month
$$$$ several hundred dollars / month